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I am an organic farmer and an advocate of sustainable and chemical-free living. As a new-age farmer, I am trying to change the perspective about urban farming. I teach farming to school children and I conduct online workshops to enable people to start living a Sustainable lifestyle. Through my journey, I want to change the narrative about self-sustainability in an urban scenario.

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Ideally you are expected to commit 30 to 60 minutes each day to the course materials, daily tasks and tracking your progress in your workbook. Time taken for the task completion might differ depending on the task. For some reason if you cannot commit to any of the daily coursework, you can try to complete it on weekends when course work will be kept light.

We will be using a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP option for conducting this program. Live sessions will happen on ZOOM platform.

This is NOT one of those “Completely Pre-Recorded” packaged courses, where you have zero support from the provider.

And this is also NOT a program where you "enroll, be a passive participant, download materials and move on" type of course. Hell, even my 5-Day workshops aren’t like that!

My programs are unique in the way that you will start working on your goals from Day 1 and I will be with you every step of the way.

For anyone who is serious about taking charge of their sustainability journey and transforming your lifestyle. This program is designed to give you 100% results but for that I need 100% of your commitment. This essentially means allocating at least 1 hour a day for the next 30 days. That’s the commitment I need from the participants.

My courses are designed to help people get off the ground and start implementing. So, those who may not be able to allocate a minimum of half an hour per day and cannot engage with the tasks and coursework, it may not be for you. If you commit the time and energy, I promise you that this course will definitely take you forward in your sustainability goals.

I do insist that the tasks given should be completed as per schedule to keep you on track and for me to check your progress. But for some reason, especially with the current situation, you aren’t able to procure the materials needed or not complete a task, it can be taken up on a later date convenient to you. And as this is a topic that’s an ongoing process, you will continue to work on them even post the program.

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