30-Day Program: Time for Action

There are fence-sitters and then there are the action-takers. You my friend, are an Action-Taker and I am SO PROUD of YOU for taking the first step forward and making the choice to be proactive.

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This isn’t just another program that you buy and it keeps collecting dust somewhere. After interacting with a number of people, I’ve realized that it’s not lack of information that keeps people from reaching their goals around self-sufficiency, it is the lack of implementation. It is the lack of confidence and plaguing doubts that stop you dead in your tracks towards any goal.

This is a hands-on mentorship program. Each day, I’ll guide you through setting targets to boost your self-reliance, and go one step further, no matter where you live. Through carefully curated content, tools and Exclusive LIVE members-only sessions, I will help you plan and then transform those plans into action so you can finally start moving ahead. 



What will be covered?

A Glimpse of the key areas…

  • Revamping your pantry checklist to move towards a better food security
  • Transitioning to Local Food systems and businesses
  • Learn to grow food (no matter where you live) from balcony garden to backyard gardening
  • Learn How to make your own Natural Cleaners and completely eliminate store-bought chemical cleaners
  • Learn to Cook a few “From-Scratch” staple food items with basic ingredients (making bread, jam, pasta etc)
  • Achieving a Zero-Waste Kitchen
  • Sustainable Cook-wares, preserving excess produce and much more
  • Replacing wasteful ways with a “more sustainable” option
  • Learn strategies to re-focus your time and energy where it’s really needed and live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle amidst the rat-race of modern city life.

 How is this different from other programs?
This is NOT one of those “Completely Pre-Recorded” packaged courses, where you have zero support from the provider.
And this is also NOT a program where you “enroll, be a passive participant and move on” type of course. Well, even my 5-Day workshops aren’t like that!

  • My programs are unique in the way that you will start working on your goals from Day 1 and I will be with you every step of the way.
  • Not just that, I will be working very closely with you to help you start with wherever you are (in an apartment, with a limited schedule, with limited space or any other constraints).
  • I design my programs for a wide range of audience whose lifestyle, journey and situations could be very different from each other’s which is exactly how it should be.
  • This program will add to your skill sets and help them apply to YOUR unique situation and take it forward to the next level.

What you get in this program

  • Video lessons
  • PDF materials, personal blog-post links and curated content
  • 8 LIVE group coaching/Q&A sessions with me
  • 30-page companion “Workbook”
  • A “Gardening Journal”
  • My DIY Natural Cleaners Course
  • My Organic Vegetable Gardening Course for Beginners
  • Exclusive Access to my “Video Content”
  • My Zero-Waste Kitchen Course
  • My Curated “From-Scratch-Cooking” Recipes (LIFE TIME ACCESS to “cook from scratch” E-COURSE)
  • A few of my personalized Organic Skin-care and Hair-care Routines

All VIDEO tutorials, PDF content will be available for LIFE TIME ACCESS to the participants

ONE MONTH Post-Program support through an exclusive WhatsApp group

All these along with Group Training, Trouble Shooting, Hand-Holding Towards Your Personal Goal, Expanding Your Awareness And Helping You Towards A More Aligned, Purposeful And Meaningful Life.

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VIDEO on the PROGRAM Details


It requires a huge commitment from my side to support participants continuously for 30 Days but given the times we live in, I believe this is the need of the hour. If you are ready to take charge of your Self Sustainable Journey, then you have come to the right place!


So, if you are ready to commit, register and I will see you inside our private group soon!

Payment Registration CLOSES on 31 DEC 2020

I am super excited! Are you?



If you have further queries, you can send me a WhatsApp message at 9789867598 HERE or send a private message through FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM


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