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The month of Margazhi

Decembers in Chennai are synonymous with music festivals and Kutcheris, and spirituality at its peak with the onset of the auspicious month of Margazhi; As a teenager I had a love-hate relationship with this month as it meant that my mom would wake me up at the crack of dawn, while it was still dark …

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Down the memory lane…

Down the memory lane – Newly married to becoming young parents… friendships and everything else in-between: It was an incredibly special time of our life; moving to a foreign land for the first time, learning to run a household, getting to know others with similar stories and waiting for the weekend to arrive…this is one …

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Spirituality – Now… Do We Know What it Really Means?

I didn’t. Most of us think we know what it means when we hear the word spiritual. It generally translates to a person who is getting closer to ‘sanyasa’ which means letting go of attachments towards worldly possessions for the sake of attaining god. This was my perception too…mostly. I mean, I never felt the …

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Off to the Hills

As we left Chennai behind and drove towards our weekend retreat, a sense of relaxation started to set in.  Now let’s just rewind a couple of hours. Of course, all the things that can go wrong on the D Day took its course. We had packed all the possible things we would need on our …

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I Choose Happiness

I have nearly stopped reading heavy, serious books. It wasn’t a conscious decision to begin with, though; I don’t know when exactly this started, but slowly somewhere I decided it meddled with my mind and heart so much that I found myself entangled with the character’s turmoil… and ended up being traumatised by it. Not …

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