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    All the recipes which were thought during the workshop was to the point and gives you 100% success recipes… these are recipes which will avoid us bringing in unknown and complicated chemicals into our home and food…. kalpana thank you so much for teaching us these recipes.. our family are literally behind us to prepare these again and again..lucky to get a mentor like kalpana….

  2. Lakshmi Shree

    I was a person who thought that I can never cook decently. I did manage to survive with basic cooking after marriage but I always thought making stuff like bread, jam, sauce, buns etc was really tough and I never imagined that I would be doing them with ease which is what happened after the workshop! Now I really look forward to doing all these because of the amazing reviews from my family and the fact that we can do away with so much of packaged foods which are bad for our health. Thank you so much Kalpana for making me feel confident ♥️

  3. Cook from scratch , may sound tough but none of her recipes , method , techniques is complicated . It is simple , easy to do with ingredients what is available in our kitchen . All the recipes she taught us were spectacular & easy enough even for beginners to cook . To anyone who’s thinking of taking class in the future , I highly recommend it . Thank u Kalpana .

  4. Dear Kalpana,
    Thanks for teaching us the lovely recipes. I never realised that our daily go to food recipes could be made at home and were so easy to prepare. Ever since I have learnt bread making, we have stopped buying it from the market. your recipe is an absolute hit with all. The jam is to die for. My mother who doesn’t care for jam much, doesn’t have her toast without it now. The pasta too was so easy, it was unbelievable. Now, I make pasta and bread, from scratch at home, which is totally relished by all. The other recipes that we learnt too were very simple, easy to make and good..The main thing, I realised, was that buying from the market is so unnecessary. Making it at home is so much more fun and easy, while at the same time, nutritious. I do not have to worry about what I am feeding my family with. So, thanks again for opening us to a whole new world of recipes from scratch.

    1. Thank you so much for these easy- never go wrong recipes .
      After taking this course I have not bought tomato sauce from the market!!!!
      The Jam , mozeralla cheese and apple cider vinegar are too easy to be true.
      Loved it.
      Thank you once again.

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