Gulmohar – #ThursdayTreeLove


One thing about Indian summers that I absolutely love is the sight of this beautiful flamboyant Gulmohar tree. There is something magical about the bright scarlet flowers set against the deep green foliage that uplifts your spirits like none other.

The scorching heat of summer somehow becomes bearable just looking at these beauties. Driving to Pondicherry from Chennai during summer vacations on roads lined-up on both sides with these beautiful trees forming an umbrella of fiery red and lush green is one of my fondest memories of those travels.

Imagine driving slowly through a natural pergola formed by gulmohar trees with the fallen flowers forming a red carpet in front of you…Bliss.

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18 thoughts on “Gulmohar – #ThursdayTreeLove

  1. I guess it is easier to spot Gulmohar much more easily in South India than North India. To me, Bangalore is synonymous with Gulmohar trees. It is one of my favorite trees

  2. Oh wow…It’s interesting that you mentioned coconut trees, because I have a small coconut farm. I will surely be posting that one. Living in this part of India and not writing about coconut trees is a crime…Will post soon. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

    1. Well, I can surely coax my blogger friend in Chennai to write about it. I’m not really a big freak for coconut water but I love feasting on coconut chutney with Dosa/Idli. I have lots of happy memories of Chennai!

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