This Italian dish is my answer to feeding my kids almost any vegetable. Usually I make this with veggies like broccoli, babycorn, olives and such. But today, we prepared vegetable lasagna with…guess what!
Bottle gourd
Brinjal &
Before you pooh-pooh it, let me tell you it was mouth-wateringly delicious…
The trick is to thinly slice the vegetables and oven roast it with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
This layered casserole preparation brings the family together like no other.
Dear sonny is busy shredding the cheese, while yours truly in churning out the pasta out of the pasta maker, husband dearest in cooking the sheets while darling dotty is layering the dish up by alternating two sauces (marinara & bechemel), roasted vegetables, cheese and the lasagna sheets.


Pop it in the oven for 10 min and voilà… Lunch is served.


The stringy cheese and the mix of tangy and creamy sauces with herbed pasta sheets (not to mention all the vegetables)…this is a dish to die for.
Do try it…I am sure you will like it.
PS: I have a detailed recipe of Lasagna in my blog under the category “My Family Table”.

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3 thoughts on “Lasagna…#FlavoursomeTuesdays

    1. Yes yes. Very true Alana. Initially I would just stick to the italian version strictly to the “T” making sure i have every single ingredient. But now i tweek it to whatever i think will go well with it. I guess that’s what is cooking all about. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me and taking time to appreciate my Indianised version of lasagna…

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