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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -Mark Twain

A very profound quote this is, and yes though it is very true, most of us can only acknowledge the first part of it, but the second half, well, not many can say with utmost honesty that they know their purpose.

I, for one really don’t know the answer for that as of now, but I have an inkling that I am closer to finding that out. The reason I say this is because off-late, I have done some pretty crazy things – I recently quit my job, a job I was successful at and won lot of appreciation and accolades for, to focus on organic farming (something I know nothing of).

How’s that for crazy?

But, there was this strong desire to take this step, which I couldn’t explain why; not to my management, not to my colleagues, not even to myself! I have read about passion and calling and things like that which never really made sense to me until then, but now I understand what they mean by that.

There was this gradual transformation that led me to question not only what we put in our body and on our body but also what we surround ourselves with. My perspective changed on daily choices we made as a family for food, home care, personal care and how to keep it toxin-free. As it turns out that there are plenty of wonderful chemical-free options already available to us in the form of our ancient practices but somehow in the blind race of modernism and convenience we have forgotten all those.

This new journey also taught me some valuable life lessons along the way; to not be afraid to tread the unknown path…the path less travelled; to not be afraid of breaking free of the cookie-cutter mould of life society teaches us to pursue; to not live life bound to a stereotype of what is expected of you.

Thus, I chronicle my journey along with all the ups and downs, my successes and my failures and share it in my blog in the hope that if I could help even one person who is inclined to try this homesteading lifestyle, my purpose would be met.

I guess everyone reaches a point when they realise, that you only have one life! Do what you love and do what truly makes you happy. Do something you would feel proud of; do something that takes care of others and in all this makes the world a better place.

PS: I have taken few excerpts from my own blog posts for this piece.

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12 thoughts on “Thoughts on life & purpose – #FridayReflections

  1. I am so glad to have connected with you Kalpana. Your journey is inspiring and I sincerely hope you make a huge success of organic farming. As someone who quit corporate world to chase my passion for writing, I can relate to the emotion behind the decision.

    1. So so happy to have connected with you too Sonia. And i am so glad you could understand my decision. I have written a separate post on my journey and farm dream. And kudos to you for bravely opting out of the corporate madness for the love of writing. More power to us. Let our tribe grow.

  2. Quitting jobs, taking up new jobs, roles, passions, making mistakes, falling, rising – all of it- the journey is guaranteed to be a very memorable one. Loved reading your thoughts on this aspect of life.

  3. Kavita, first of all many congratulations to listening to your heart’s calling and staying on the new chosen path! One needs a lot of courage to trade a path that is anything but away from the comfort zone. Wishing you a great success ahead!

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