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Online Organic Gardening Course for Beginners

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 URMIMALA DAS workshop participant Jul 2022

I am an avid Google researcher when it comes to my gardening quest. I came across many short term workshops or gardening courses in internet. But out of the plethora of resources I found your website very resourceful. And then I decided to join your workshop.

Coming to the workshop I must say why this workshop is a turning point for any aspiring gardener. It is the MINDSET or PHILOSOPHY you instill in the minds of the attendees. I found this absolutely important because this workshop not just raises a gardener but like as we say “charity begins at home” the practice of sustainable living and co existence too begins from our garden. You are working towards a great social cause by changing minds. God bless you.

About the workshop, I am really impressed the way you conducted it, the neatly organised resources , documentation and most relevant and practical tips you have given. I am glad and fortunate to start my gardening journey with Kalpavriksha.

 Are you interested in starting your own organic vegetable garden at home?

Are you someone who always wanted to start your garden but had more questions than answers? Felt Online Content is overwhelming and confusing? Cannot get personalized guidance?

I have created an Online Course for Organic Vegetable Gardening for beginners.  It is  taught by me, Kalpana Manivannan, a practicing organic farmer.

This is a PAID course.

Through this online gardening course, I will share my learning and experiences as videos and reference material to get you STARTED and SUSTAIN your garden. I will provide mentoring and guidance for 1 month. 

You need to give yourself a chance. Your Garden is waiting for you!


You will get LIFE TIME ACCESS to entire Course Content, including ALL the VIDEOs and PDFs.  Not only this, you will also get ONE MONTH of POST WORKSHOP SUPPORT

In this course, you will learn;

  • What/Where/Why/How of Organic Gardening
  • Soil preparation
  • Making Your Own Potting mix
  • Types of Containers
  • Different Types of Seeds for your garden
  • Different Sowing/Planting Methods
  • Right Watering techniques
  • Manuring – Organic Fertilizer for plants
  • Preparation of Organic Growth Promoters
  • Common Pests & Plant diseases
  • Natural Pest Control Methods
  • Preparation of Natural Pest Repellents
  • Succession Planting Tips
  • “What to start with?” – Beginners guideline
  • Plant Care tips to sustain your garden


I realized, it’s not enough to just teach you how to start an organic vegetable garden, because I know your pain-points too well! I wanted to curate a course that’s comprehensive and one-stop-solution for all your Gardening Needs. I know I had to struggle a lot and run pillar-to-post to get all the information I needed to start mine. And, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. It’s not just about starting a garden but to sustain it for long-term. So, I am including some Extremely valuable ADDITIONAL RESOURCES too! Are you Excited!!!

  • HOME COMPOSTING – (VIDEO + DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS) – A fool-proof guide to prepare compost for plants!

If you have further queries, you can send me a WhatsApp message at 9789867598 HERE or send a private message through FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM

In case you need more details before you can decide, fill these details so that we can connect with you.



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