Organic Gardening Workshop

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I conduct online classes in WhatsApp on Organic Vegetable Gardening

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Gardening is a huge ocean and there are resources galore, that it might get over-whelming for any beginner. This workshop will take you through the basics of organic vegetable gardening through easy to understand steps that will help you get started. If you have always been wondering about starting a garden then this is your chance and today is the day.

You will learn:

  • Soil preparation & Potting mix
  • Planting Methods
  • Watering techniques
  • Manuring
  • Preparation of organic growth promoters
  • Common plant diseases
  • Natural Pest control methods
  • Plant care tips to sustain your garden

You will learn the essentials of not just starting but sustaining your very own home garden. Because anyone can start, but sustaining is another story all together.

Register and get ready to be over-joyed with the rewards for your efforts with beautiful visuals, delicious vegetables and colorful blooms.

What are you waiting for…


You can learn the Basics of Vegetable Gardening from the comfort of your home!!! This class is purely for beginners. It will be taught by me – a practicing organic farmer.

This is a 5 day Workshop conducted through WhatsApp especially designed keeping you in mind. Though I would prefer a hands-on gardening course, not everyone has the luxury of attending such sessions on specific days and time-periods. This I feel somehow defeats the purpose of spreading the knowledge across to the seekers. This is a humble attempt at accommodating anyone who wants to learn irrespective of where they live and what their schedules are. Now, all that’s needed is the willingness, to make that elusive dream of growing your own veggies into a reality. And trust me, this workshop will be as good as or probably better than any hands-on workshop and the best part is, you don’t have to leave your home or take a day off from your office work.