Village Experience

Tired of mall-hopping and the mind-numbing traffic in the city? Have you ever wished you could just get away from the frenzy of a fast-paced city life and get closer to a much simpler, slower and relaxed way of life; to just observe a rural place with its own rhythm and really get to feel the peace and quiet, at least for a day… Well, now you can!

We need unpretentious, deep, heart-warming and soul-stirring experiences to actually get closer to ourselves.

Sometimes the most rewarding experience comes from interacting with nature and being one with it. Get a peek into the lives of villagers leading a simpler life, surrounded by paddy fields, ancient temples, lotus ponds and back-waters.

A Village experience is a perfect way to break the monotony of city life, unwind and rest your jarred nerves, body and mind.


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