Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Invest in your health.

In these times of fast paced living, there is an immediate need to address self-care like never before; an art which was part of our lifestyle has gotten lost in all the busyness of life; in living life between one dead-line to another.

Wellness is an on-going active process of making wise choices for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. It was part of our lifestyle when things were slower;  life was lived leisurely with ample time for rest and rejuvenation. But somewhere down the line we have traded all those good things in exchange for a fast and glitzy life, compromising the most important aspect, our health and happiness among other things.

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27 April 2019

One day Program on Natural Health by Wellness Coach Mr. Vinoth Kumar V S of Vaagai Wellness.

A community based  exploration on “Natural Health” based on the Philosophy, Practice & Tools of Natural Life Style (a.k.a Nature Cure) offered in the spirit of Giftivism.

Session covers:

*Conversations on Natural Health
*Briefing on Daily Practices
*Briefing & Hands on Sessions on Food Preparations ( Salads, Conservative Cooking)


Facilitator Profile: http://vsvinothkumar.blogspot.in/2017/07/my-profile-as-wellness-coach.html


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