Recommendations : Gardening

Grow bags to start your Balcony /Terrace garden. Ideal for seasonal veggies like tomato, brinjal, chillies etc.

These are great, handy tools for a small Backyard Garden to mix up the soil with ease.

Must have tools for any gardener to prepare your soil and for seeding.

Gloves to use when you are mixing soil and/or planting. The claws are very helpful and I found them extremely useful.

I find this very useful for pruning.

These handy Name Tags are excellent to write the name of the plant and the date of sowing. 

This is a simple, light-weight watering can for small gardens.

This watering can is excellent for indoor plants which require less water and avoids spilling.

Looking to introduce your kids into gardening! Then check out these colourful watering cans. 

This simple yet classic wooden stand is a beautiful addition in your indoor garden space.

I love this handcrafted cane plant stand that instantly lifts the vibe of the space.

If you are looking to have hanging plants indoors, then these cotton rope plant hanger is ideal.

These shallow Grow bags are ideal for growing greens in your balcony or terrace.

These Eco-friendly Coir baskets are ideal for hanging plants in your balcony or railings.

A beautiful terracotta planter with saucer adds instant beauty to your living space.

Heirloom seeds, directly from the seed savers. This is my one of my go-to places for heirloom seeds. 


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