When a time of festivities turns sour by one person’s insensitivity…#MondayMusings

In every family there is this one person who will find a reason to meddle with any situation and turn the fun and festive mood to a gloomy one just by their sheer negativity. Not for once would they think before they speak or care about the repercussions of their actions. Forgetting the auspicious occasion and ambiance, insults are hurled in the presence of esteemed guests, words blurted out and all damages are done in the limelight; and later, much later… this said person apologizes through a private message and gets away without any guilt whatsoever.

How do you react to such insensitivity?

How does one pick up the pieces and move on?

Do you have anyone like this in your family or friends circle? Do share your thoughts with me.


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10 thoughts on “When a time of festivities turns sour by one person’s insensitivity…#MondayMusings

  1. Such situations worsen when we start arguing with those insensitive people, we add more negativity by getting into a discussion which turns into an argument, so no point doing that. Staying away and using both the ears, is the only key to dealing with such people.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Sometimes that the best thing to do and i always, always do that because i am a peace loving person and don’t want to rock the boat, you know. But sometimes when you had had enough, I think we must confront and give them back too, tell your views and not just take things silently and suffer.

      1. I am ditto like this. Over the years, I have learned to stay away from any such situation which may turn into a fight and causes anxiety. Peace of mind is more important so I prefer deleting such people from my life and moving out silently. Life is short, I have better things to focus on…my family, kids, writing etc. Why to unnecessarily add chaos…but yes, if something is affecting you badly, its always good to confront, clear the air and close the matter, once and for all

        1. So so true Vartika. I have always turned a blind eye even if it had hurt me personally but I understood it leaves you bitter for long and that’s not good for you. For my own peace i have been trying to get things off my chest even at the cost of causing a ruffle…Which used to scare the hell out of me earlier and even now. But i guess a time comes when you need to take charge…for your own good. Thanks so much. I was apprehensive of writing this post because i have never bared my heart like this before but this turned out to be therapeutic. Thank you for sharing . It really healped…

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