Permaculture Patterns on my farm (PART 1)

I had attended an online permaculture design course a few weeks back and I have been itching to try my hands on them on my farm. I studied some of the designs and decided on which ones could be suitable for my farm. I also researched and planned what to grow on these patches based on some basic companion planting…

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Benefits of Musumusukkai – A Miracle Green

Let’s look at an interesting and lesser known green called Musumusukkai… Musumusukkai / Mukia maderaspatana belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. This is just to give you the necessary details to google it up in case you aren’t familiar with its common name. I was pleasantly surprised at the scientific name “maderaspatana” as in “Madrasa pattinam” the way Chennai was called in olden…

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