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“I used to cringe every time I used chemical laden cleaners. I have always wanted to lead a lifestyle which doesn’t harm other beings as much as possible…I should say that, your class which taught me to make bio enzyme is a game changer! I’m very thankful for your effort to hold hand at every step of the process. Your support and encouragement are the reasons for my almost guilt free lifestyle now! And, I should say that, you are one of the best teachers that I have come across so far! Thank you so much, Kalpana!”

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DIY cleaners workshop participant

“There are endless workshops and tutorials for everything under the sun. And this myriad choice rather makes it difficult to decide what to go for. However, I can vouch that I made a wise choice in going for Kalpana’s beginner’s workshop. It’s kept simple yet comprehensive and most importantly doesn’t overwhelm a novice. And what sets it apart is the month long support group. Doing things brings in a host of doubts, queries and challenges. But knowing that she is still readily available along with fellow gardeners to help you on the way is greatly comforting and encouraging.”

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Gardening workshop participant

“As a beginner to sustainability & zero waste , I learned lot in this 30 days mentorship program . It was amazingly full of new information for me , presented in an easy to learn & adapt . Course is well structured, covering on various aspect of sustainability. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who is looking for change towards sustainability . Online might provide us lot of information , We might end up with so much of confusion where & how to go about it , program like this would help to kick start . Kalpana is great mentor , learning from person who is practising In her life make it easy for us .Thank u Kalpana , supporting & guiding me hopefully I could go deeper into it.”


30 day mentoring program participant

Thanks for teaching us the lovely recipes. I never realised that our daily go to food recipes could be made at home and were so easy to prepare. Ever since I have learnt bread making, we have stopped buying it from the market. your recipe is an absolute hit with all. The jam is to die for. My mother who doesn’t care for jam much, doesn’t have her toast without it now. The pasta too was so easy, it was unbelievable. Now, I make pasta and bread, from scratch at home, which is totally relished by all. The other recipes that we learnt too were very simple, easy to make and good..The main thing, I realised, was that buying from the market is so unnecessary. Making it at home is so much more fun and easy, while at the same time, nutritious. I do not have to worry about what I am feeding my family with. So, thanks again for opening us to a whole new world of recipes from scratch.”


"cook from scratch" E-Book Learner

Your soaps arrived this weekend and the moment I opened the box, the smell of sandalwood wafed through my home and I could literally feel the love and care that has gone into the entire process. Now I have to tell you that usually, after a shower, I have to slather moisturiser to prevent my skin from drying. But after using your soap, none at all! and I just love the smell of freshness. My son loves the sandalwood fragrance and has loudly proclaimed that we shall only use this soap in future. I have just made another order and I know I’ll be back for more!!”


Homemade Soaps Customer

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