My cottage-style flower garden

My gardening philosophy is quite simple: whatever the garden is for, it’s got to be beautiful. Today we are talking about a Cottage style flower garden!

Style-wise, I want most of my spaces to be like those English cottage gardens in all their free-flowing glory with their pinks and pastels. I have grown Gladiolus from bulbs and they are looking glorious. Some climbing roses in the subtlest of peachy-pink is growing too. I also plan to include special details like wrought-iron fencing, arbors for climbing roses and alamanda, maybe add some ornamental urns, old pots and some whimsical garden décor.

I have created different gardens on my farm and each one serves a purpose but the bottom-line is all of those spaces marry beauty and functionality.

If you are exploring your own gardening style, the most important question to deeply ponder over is – How do you want it to serve you? Do you want to grow flowers for fresh bouquets every day for your home? Do you want basket loads of tomatoes, herbs, and greens? Or do you simply want something pretty to look at?

Or do you want all of it like I do?  No matter what your answer is, you can work according to your needs and style aesthetics.

Come along to see what we are up to right now. Grab a cup of tea/coffee and settle down. I hope my gardening escapades inspire you to start yours!


Here are some pictures for you to drool over…




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