how to start living a sustainable life

Helping people to move towards a more self sustainable lifestyle

As a SUSTAINABILITY COACH, I have helped hundreds of people increase their self-reliance, learn new DIY skills, improve their family’s food security and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

My ONLINE WORKSHOPS  & E-COURSES are very popular, with lot of positive feedback and are making people take actionable steps towards self-sufficiency.

I want to create awareness that as consumers, we have the power to change the world by just changing the way we consume, by just being careful and conscious of what we buy and where we choose to spend our hard-earned money.

Many a times, we are lost on where to start this so called “sustainable living”. Mine is an attempt to get you started on few areas, to give you the motivation and confidence that ” YES, I CAN”

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I conduct 3 online workshops, authored an E-Course, make home-made soaps and body butters.  The online workshops are conducted on an on-going basis and you can always enroll anytime, to the next one coming up.

Each image below gives more details. You can explore on things that interest you.

Learn to make natural organic homemade soaps

You won't buy soap again!

Your Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own Nourishing Natural Soaps at Home


Start your sustainability journey

Help you vision, plan and achieve your self sustainable goals


chemical free cleaners

available as e-course

Switch to natural cleaners and give your kids a toxin-free environment


gardening for beginners


Essentials of not just starting but sustaining your very own home garden


guide to Eliminate staple foods

10 things you didn’t know you could cook from scratch… literally!


teach farming for school kids

Start with young children to shape their perspectives on farming, healthy food choices



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