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It’s a dream born out of the concerning nature of the modern food industry and fueled by the desperate need...

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The Family Kitchen

The family that eats together stays together. We have all heard of that before. But I would like to say...

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When you look up the word homesteading in Wikipedia, this is what it says; Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It...

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I have extremely dry skin which makes me hunt for something that keeps me hydrated for a very long time. I’ve been using Kalpavriksha Body Butter and Soap since September. My first purchase was the Jojoba oil infused butter. The first whiff of the fragrance from the tester took me to the Body Shop and Bath & Body shops. I just loved the pleasant & strong smell of Jojoba and after a couple of hours of application you get the delicate smell of the coconut oil too.After 2 weeks of application on my hands and legs I started raving about the butter to my Mom. It really takes away the dryness and itchiness. I had a big dry patch on my shoulder which just vanished under a month with this body butter. My second purchase was the Shea butter & Lavender infused which is a must have for these winters. The body butter really transforms rough patches and is an intense moisturizer leaving back a slight weight or greasiness, which is required for the extra dry skin to feel comfortably hydrated for hours. I apply them for myself and my 2 yr old daughter in the night and when we have to sit in the A/C for a while. Morning I’ve felt my skin happy and supple. One bottle lasts a little over a month and half with generous application. Available in 5 fragrances, you’ll definitely find one that ignites and soothe your senses. Among the soaps I love the Vetiver soap from the lot. The farm is a home away home. DISCLAIMER: Sorry for the detailed review, Hope it helps someone.

Smitha Ancy Cherian

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I  have been using these (kalpavriksha farms) homemade soaps for the past three months.after using this soap my skin feels friends and neighbours have asked me whether I ‘m going to any parlour these days.
But the reason for this freshness is the use of these soaps.
I would suggest you all to use the products available here

Bhuvana Ramesh

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Last week got the chance to visit Kalpavriksha farm.It was an amazing experience for us . We enjoyed every bit of it. Till now I was just following her posts but after visiting the farm came to know how she and her family are following their dream to be with nature and to go organic.My younger daughter was so excited to see the veggies and dals on the farm field.Took home some fresh veggies, homemade soap and body butter.Special mention,the homemade butter has wonderful effect,leaves the skin soft and shiny.Thanks Kalpana for this wondrous opportunity.

Ritu Sehgal

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You are very inspiring Kalpana. I love reading all of your posts on farming and several home made tips on products that you have tried on ur own. Continue the great work that you and ur family are doing towards a healthy living and the care for a better environment.

Ladha Mohan



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