Sustainable Living Mentorship Program

I hope you have been getting a lot of value from the “Pest Control Series” posts. I remember scouring the internet and books to get the information I needed and then out of the million things suggested I had to figure out which ones actually worked, by trial and error. It took me years to …

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The unkempt garden

This little unkempt patch stands right outside the entrance of our farm. Let’s say, it was the first things I planted even before the farm was ready. I wanted these ornamental plants to create an inviting look and to frame the black marble signage with “Kalpavriksha” inscribed in golden colour. Well, you can’t see the …

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How to grow chilli and make your own chilli powder

It’s getting pretty hot in here because we are talking about chillies!  I posted a detailed video on how to start your chillies seeds, transplant and harvest chillies. And not just get green chillies for your daily consumption but also preserve it as chilli powder if you have excess harvest. Isn’t that amazing! What a …

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Growing Heirloom Corn

GROWING HEIRLOOM RED RUBY CORN   Heirloom varieties are under threat of extinction all around the world. Therefore the more we grow them the better chances for these varieties to survive the hybrid invasion. I try and grow as many rare native varieties of vegetables as possible on my small half-acre farm. Check out my …

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