A half-acre Food Forest

Welcome to our half-acre food forest. We created it five years ago while working fulltime in the city and working on our farm on the weekends.

This is where we grow our seasonal produce – tomatoes, lady’s finger, brinjals, gourds, basil, radish, leafy greens and so much more. Though it’s meant to be full of useful produce that I can gather in a basket as and when I need it, I still want it to look beautiful.

All the things we put in here serves a purpose. It might look like my food forest is mostly a functional space to help us grow vegetables, fruits and herbs for the family, but it is so much more than that. Even the flowers that are planted between the vegetable crops help in attracting bees and butterflies for pollination plus they help deter pests too.

Come along to see what we are growing and harvesting this season. I am having a lovely morning with my radishes and tomatoes. How’s your saturday?


Happy weekend friends!


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