Garden pathways

English Cottage-style Garden Pathways…

This was on my list of things for my farm. Design-wise I have been trying to bring in a Cottage garden feel to my farm and what’s a cottage garden without its characteristic flagstone, pebbled pathways right? So, after putting off for long, we finally got to it.

Anything you do by yourself, even if you aren’t an expert in that area and even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, one thing is guaranteed – the feeling of contentment, joy and fulfillment that you experience… it’s priceless!

You can surely outsource the job but you can’t buy that feeling of accomplishment for any amount of money. Won’t you agree!
I hope you find inspiration to do some exciting things in your garden or farm, all by yourself. If I can do it, so can you.

I have recorded the process in this video. Click and watch!

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