The magic of everyday

As I look around the messy dining table and the pile of laundry, I get a ting of frustration at having to go over all these everyday mundane chores yet again…for the gazillionth time. Though I like to have a beautiful table linen spread out before dinner and cook a fancy meal that we could enjoy as a family with special attention to details – with forks, knives, matching cutlery and dinnerware, which is quite often but let’s be real, it’s not everyday.

Everyday is ordinary. And come to think of it, ordinary is good. Actually everyday is what we get, to create whatever magic we want with it.
If we notice there are very few extraordinary moments in this life. And society has us conditioned to only notice those few moments as worthwhile. It shows the everyday ordinary as drudgery, something that drains the soul. That living a life that doesn’t scream and isn’t over-the-top, isn’t worth it. Happiness isn’t a destination but a transient, elusive commodity found sprinkled in bursts of moments here and there, around our everyday, waiting to be found and cherished. And these moments stringed together is what becomes our life, our story, to look back on.

Today as I steam rice and dal for lunch and dice lady’s finger methodically making sure it’s cut uniformly, I catch myself immensely enjoying the process.
Maybe we don’t have to seek out grand adventures to be happy. Because this everyday is grand in itself. If we have eyes to see it, smell it, feel it deeply. To savour the details, to soak in the juices of the little moments of beauty…

Because, it’s always the little things, at the end.

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