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  1. Very informative sessions. I’ve learnt many new things and variety of tops that will help me grow many plants I my backyard. Will definitely recommend.

  2. Hi Ma’am,
    Hope you are doing well ! I would like to thank you whole heartedly for your wonderful gardening workshop. The topics that were split of five days were covered with full details and explanation by you. Lucky me I came across your workshop and with the support your workshop gives, is a boost for me to give an extra ounce of love for my pluddies (plants + buddies) every single day.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Glad to join the workshop. Easy to follow instructions were provided by Ms Kalpana. Looking forward for more such informative sessions!

  4. Hi Kalpana . Your workshop is very helpful as you are giving knowledge about every small detail in gardening . Your workshop is inspiring and informative.
    Thanks a lot

  5. Our 5 days session feels like it just started but is already over.! She has given us lot of knowledge for a beginner to start farming. I appreciate her perseverance. I’m so happy I joined her session. And I am excited to start the journey as well. Thank you so much for your time and support. Looking forward to many more such sessions.

  6. Very informative and inspiring. Simple but effective tips not only about methods, but also about grooming our mindset while working in garden. Least budget approach wherein use everything from kitchen waste.

  7. I was planning to set up a Terrace garden and needed to know more. When I came across advertisement in FB about Kalpavriksha, I clicked to know more. Before I knew I found myself enrolled! I assumed the mode of worshop would be in zoom or some other platform. When Kalpana mentioned it’s in whattsapp i’s intrigued. I learnt a new mode of enabling! The 5day workshop was convinient, informative and interactive. The passion and conviction that Kalpana has is catchy! This should be a community movement and all like-minded people caring and sharing. Thank you

  8. Hi Kalpana, the vegetable garden workshop is very useful for beginners and novice gardeners. It provides with all required information that is required to start a garden be it in terrace, balcony or land. The information about pest repellents and natural fertilizers was amazing. Thank you for patiently answering all my queries.

  9. hi kalpanaji it was a great start with not having a good knowledge or zero knowledge but after attending te workshop now confident that ca grow some veggies at home with all the things which has been taught by u with organic conposting to use of soil space transplanting or repotting
    You are a great teacher with always a helping hand for us thank you

  10. Hi
    The workshop was fine and we got some tips about seeds, pesticides and compost.
    The collection that you are growing is amazing and i would love to visit it and meet you once this covid goes..

  11. Sunali Majmuddar

    Kalpana I Am Abundantly Grateful to you for this Wonderful, Inspiring, Informative, Contributive, Amazing Gardening Workshop..I’ve learned much beyond my imagination..Lots of Love, Joy & Nature Blessings! ☯️☮️

  12. Rekha Dandge,Pune

    Kalpana Namaste,
    I so much wanted to learn gardening skills,and found your online course.Accually I have done your chemical free cleaner workshop a few days ago. Your teaching was excellent. With that experience I enrolled in the gardening work-shop.I am truly overwhelmed with the knowledge you have in the subject and you handed it over to your participants very gladly.
    Thanks a lot!

  13. Akhil deepika

    kalpana mam was so organised and clear in the informations she gave…. though there are so much information available online which leaves us confused at the end, this workshop was like the ultimate guide for beginners.. thank you kalpana mam

  14. Radhika Mimani

    There are endless workshops and tutorials for everything under the sun. And this myriad choice rather makes it difficult to decide what to go for. However, I can vouch that I made a wise choice in going for Kalpana’s beginner’s workshop. It’s kept simple yet comprehensive and most importantly doesn’t overwhelm a novice.
    And what sets it apart is the month long support group. Doing things brings in a host of doubts, queries and challenges. But knowing that she is still readily available along with fellow gardeners to help you on the way is greatly comforting and encouraging.

  15. Hi..this was my 2nd workshop with kalpana. I think that says it all. She is an excellent mentor who teaches with so much patience and perseverance and explains it really well. Her love for gardening and knowledge on it is simply amazing. I am a total newbie in gardening, but have started enjoying it, thanks to her.

    1. Hi maam…

      Thanks a lot for such a wonderful workshop.. as I beginner I learnt a lot through this workshop.. every details very given by her very clearly and based on her practical experience . Would like to attend more such workshops in future.. thanking you once again Kalpana ma’am

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