Organic Gardening Workshop FAQs

I will be sharing Notes, Videos and Guidelines over WhatsApp only. I will be available online at a designated time everyday for the course duration. There are no conference calls or Skype or webinars. You can join in this time and partake in the interactions or see the content later at your convenience and post your queries.

After the course, the group will be kept active for a period of time for your further queries, discussions and updates. This guided mentoring and support during and post workshop, is the added value you will get. Plus, you get to be part of a like-minded community encouraging and supporting your gardening journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

You will learn:
 Soil preparation & Potting mix
 Planting Methods
 Watering techniques
 Manuring
 Preparation of organic growth promoters
 Common plant diseases
 Natural Pest control methods
 Plant care tips to sustain your garden

This workshop will take you through the basics of gardening through easy to understand steps that will help you get started. Easy step-by-step instructions will help you focus and achieve your garden dream. You will learn the essentials of not just starting but sustaining your very own home garden too.

Since this is online mode through WhatsApp, your location does not matter. You can join the workshop from anywhere in the world

I am sure you will agree that anything that is given free or done free loses it value and importance. I have posted free resources on my pages for the longest time but though I see my readers appreciating them, I don't see them committing to making use of them. When you pay, you commit to learning that skill.

Not only that, it values my time, effort and years of research that has gone into developing this module for you. Most importantly, the money you are paying to learn this skill is nothing compared to the long term self sufficiency and health benefits it provides for you and your family.

In case you are not able to make online payment, you can message me privately at 9789867598. In case your money got deducted from your account but registration is not completed, be rest assured that your money will be refunded within 7 days.

There are many people who have benefited from attending this workshop and each one of them has successfully switched incorporating this skill in their life. Their success stories pour in everyday and it is such a joy to read them.

"...thank you for this wonderful workshop.I was confused with the information available online..did not know how to start...workshop was of great help to get the clarity. Thank you so much..." Dr Akhil Deepika, India

" are an incredible coach...I can see hardwork, time and care you have invested.Thank you for teaching and guiding me..." Ranjana, India

"...Loved the workshop...I am a beginner...after attending and gaining knowledge, I am definitely trying to go more plants...My love for gardening has definitely increased now..thank you for being patient and answering all our queries..." Nikhita, India

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