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My Husband and I Tried To Break A Gender Stereotype By Cooking Together In A TV Show

It’s not every day that you get a call from a reputed TV channel to participate in a cooking show hosted by them. Well, this was all the doing of a dear friend who thought I should be on this program and recommended me. She sent a message suggesting I participate in this popular cooking show which showcased organic farmers…

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8 Easy strategies to get kids to eat healthy

I understand that eating healthy and nutritious is not something you can just preach and get results instantly. It’s a journey you take along with your family towards building healthy eating habits. It needs conscious, sensible and sound decision making from the parents to inculcate a life-long good eating habit in their kids. My husband and I as a team…

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The Family That Cooks Together, Stays Together

The family that eats together stays together. We have all heard of that before. But I would like to say “The family that cooks together stays together.”  Wondering how to achieve this, when eating together itself is an impossible feat? Well, there are a lot of ways to incorporate cooking into your daily life by making it a family activity. My family…

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