A Haven Amidst the City

It was a usual lazy Sunday morning; my husband and I have an almost set Sunday morning routine. We get up just a bit later than usual, but not too late, and my husband heads towards the main door to pick up the newspaper and I walk into the kitchen to brew hot cups of coffee for both of us.  As I hand over a mug of coffee to my hubby, he quietly pulls out the supplementary editions of the Sunday paper and hands it to me.  This above scene happens like a clock-like precision, on most Sundays. We are so used to this by now, that we can do it half asleep in a zombie-like state.  He browses through the last pages of sports news while I settle down with my Sunday review. Unless we are both feeling a little bit more energetic than usual and want to go out for a walk around the block, this is pretty much the most probable Sunday morning routine for us. And we enjoy every bit of it.

Now, this particular Sunday started out in the same way, but quite an interesting thing happened. My husband, for no particular reason, started browsing through the classifieds and something caught his fancy; a ten ground property with coconut palms. He seemed quite interested in the property and I thought he was just making idle conversation but when he showed interest in buying it, was I taken aback as we didn’t have any plans yet of buying anything of that sort. Not only that, he wanted to check it out right away. It did seem quite interesting to own a coconut farm. So, he went ahead and called the seller and booked an appointment to visit the place right away. Just like that, spontaneously, we were ready in a jiffy to drive down to the place.

Once we drove past the busy city into the quaint outskirts and reached the place, both of us immediately took a liking to it. It was tucked away from the main road but not completely secluded either. The location was just right, with a mix of comfortable privacy and safe public access. To lure us even more, there was a beautiful tree house built on one of the trees; now, who can resist that!!! And a quick drive around the place revealed that the serene backwaters were just a stone’s throw away. So, that kind of sealed the deal for us.

I immediately started imagining wonderful picnics and friends meet there; probably a small farm house and a mini organic garden won’t be bad…(growing your own food…which is by the way “the need of the hour” does sound exciting).A sort of weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Quiet afternoons lazing on the hammocks with a book or picnics under fruit trees; now won’t that be lovely!


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