A Mother’s Wish For Her Kids…

First, let me tell you how blessed I feel to have my two precious gems in my life. I had dreamt about them even before they were actually born. A sweet little girl and a cute little boy…how perfect;  And there is not a day I don’t thank god for these little bundles of joy.

Like every mother in the world, I want the best for my children; health, happiness and prosperity.  By best I don’t mean that they should get anything and everything they wish for. No, not at all…I mean, they should get all that they need to be empathetic, humane, strong-minded, kind, satisfied and eventually happy.

I wish that my kids experience everything in moderation, even at times…hunger and heart-breaks; not too much, to break them but just enough, to emerge stronger. Does this make any sense? But how else are they going to understand the importance of the most basic things in life like food and love.

I wish that my kids experience and learn to see through the malicious intentions of fair-weather friends and also the good intentions of the sharp-tongued but good-at-heart friends.

I wish that my kids experience small failures in life, only to help them learn to cherish their successes and also to embrace failure and success with a level head.

I wish that my kids succeed in their chosen field and to earn enough to fund their creative endeavours.

I wish my kids materialistic pleasures only so much, to make their lives comfortable; not too much to turn them into money-minded and self-centred individuals.

I wish my kids learn to appreciate good people in their lives before it’s too late.

I wish my kids to have enough confidence, courage and determination to follow their heart and do what they feel is right without worrying about other people’s opinions.

I wish my kids find themselves living a fearless, creative and content life more than anything else.

Apart from all of the above, I wish my kids learn to appreciate nature in all its glory, good food, good music and art, good friendships and good ol’ simple pleasures in life.

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