About Me

Social Entrepreneur I Urban Farmer I Karamveer Chakra Awardee I  Aspiring Homesteader I Blogger I Home-Chef I  Dreamer I  

I live in Chennai, India, with my wonderful husband and two lovely kids. A former high school teacher and an Academic Coordinator turned a Social Entrepreneur and an organic farmer focusing on all things natural, homemade and sustainable. I am also a blogger & an aspiring homesteader on a journey towards zero waste living.

My small half acre farm on the outskirts of Chennai is where I grow my organic vegetables and have plans of developing it into a self-sustaining space. My farmhouse is solar powered and I have around 20 fully grown coconut trees and 50 plus fruit trees and flowering tree saplings. The passion to grow food was born out of the desire to provide my family with clean, nutritious, toxin-free food.  The disturbing ugly side of the food industry and how we seem to have no choice but to buy whatever is sold to us is what fueled my passion even more.

Building a self-sustainable model for living is something that I am working on. Towards an attempt to achieve that our small farmhouse on our farm is SOLAR powered and we have a Rainwater harvesting system in place. The satisfaction of feeding my family chemical free, totally organic, native, seasonal and nutritious produce is what drives me. I want to spread to awareness about food safety and encourage people to grow their own food. I believe that native indigenous crops are the most nutritious and best suited for our bodies. I don’t support hybrid varieties and I am totally against GMO’s.

Currently, we are growing about 50 varieties of seasonal vegetables on our farm. We also have a variety of herbs and fruit trees. We have been able to successfully live a Farm to Table lifestyle for the past one year. When I choose to grow my own food, I have full control of what I sow, what I reap, what I cook and what I feed my family. There is absolutely no room for doubt and that gives me immense satisfaction.

In a world where, in the name of development and advancement we are running farther and farther away from nature, poisoning our own food and destroying the ecosystem we live in, there is a serious need to change our way of life. I am hoping we can slow down just a bit and get back to our roots…Our own survival is at stake.

When did farming become the most deplored occupation and can we change that perspective and help create a better outlook about it for our next generation? Can we even think of such a thing as producing our own food? In all these years of depending on the grocery store, is it do-able?  These are some of the many questions I am trying to find answers to, through my journey.

As an Aspiring Homesteader, I try my best to prepare things myself at home. I make my own soaps, body butters, detergents and cleaning solutions. I also bake my own bread, prepare my own jams, sauces, pastas and cook everything from scratch. I try to reduce my waste by composting my kitchen waste (which I use on my farm) and reuse and recycle non-biodegradable waste.

One thing that we all can do to contribute to a more sustainable future is to pick up a shovel and start a garden. Start cooking from scratch. Become conscious consumers. Mindless consumerism is what has landed us in this spot today. Take charge of your health and when you do that you’ll see yourself automatically becoming more in-tuned to sustainable living.