Sustainable Living Mentorship Program

I hope you have been getting a lot of value from the “Pest Control Series” posts. I remember scouring the internet and books to get the information I needed and then out of the million things suggested I had to figure out which ones actually worked, by trial and error. It took me years to get the answers right. Therefore I try as much as possible to curate content so it’s easy for others on a similar journey like me.

Okay, tell me, is your story like mine?

Being a city-dweller, I know your struggles; I have experienced the challenges of living sustainably and thirsting for a society that I envisioned but sadly didn’t live in. I was fed up, completely frustrated not being able to feed my children pesticide-free food and provide a toxin-free life. I was worried sick.

A few years ago I had been looking for all the same things you are seeking right now and sadly, I didn’t find a one stop solution; forget one stop, I didn’t find anything that would help me put the pieces of puzzle together and to live sustainably. Any search on the internet would show me images of an off-grid lifestyle, which is great but that not an option for everyone of us! I didn’t find resources and skill-sets that would help me live in the city and yet live as sustainably as possible. But that doesn’t mean we give up on it? Right!
This reminds me of the quote I read in Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” –
“Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?”
If we need something and it isn’t available as yet, we have to make it happen! And that’s the reason I decided to create this program to teach city-folks all the skills needed to create the life they wanted; something that I struggled to learn and find solutions for.

I notice that people feel constrained when they think of living sustainably; it feels like a lot of work; it may look like you have to sacrifice certain comforts to live responsibly. And that is probably the biggest deterrent for urbanites like you and me who are used to certain conveniences and comforts. But it doesn’t have to be like that and it definitely isn’t like that!
I can show you how you can live sustainably without sacrificing your modern conveniences. I taught myself all that is needed for me and my family to live a self-sufficient lifestyle and now you can too!

  • Thoughtfully Curated Content, Videos & Tools
  • Daily tasks
  • Weekly Exclusive Members-Only LIVE sessions, to help you kick start your sustainability journey and transform your life is just a click away!
  • Post program support
  • Group coaching plus personalized attention
    PS: I always keep the batch small, so very limited slots available. The registrations will close as soon as we reach the desired number of enrollments for the program.

Check the details here and see if it fits your needs.

If you are reading this far, it is a SIGN! ⚡No, seriously, I mean it. So if have always wanted to switch to a greener, cleaner lifestyle this is your cue; Your SIGN from the universe, because I do believe that you are seeing this only because you are meant to.

💫Every time I have ignored something I truly desired, it took me so much longer to reach my goals. Now, I just pounce on anything that calls to my heart and it never fails to fill my life with abundance. Whether it’s a course, a coach or a book or anything I seek, it gives me back manifold✨

👉If you are a city dweller wanting to ditch the consumeristic way of life and become a producer in some capacity, then this program is for you!
Believe me, you will become self-sufficient 💯 in major areas of your life almost immediately! The satisfaction you get from this kind of shift is unbelievable!

🌱Apart from gardening I wanted to completely switch to natural cleaners🍀 and cook most of the staple food from scratch🍞 and make my own soaps🍥 and DIY personal care products🌿
I wanted a zero-waste kitchen🍃 and lead as much of a green lifestyle💚 as possible living in the city and reduce my carbon footprint 👣
Once I learnt the ropes and had a system in place, I wanted everyone wishing for it to have access.
My 30 day mentorship program offers exactly that.

Everything tailor-made, especially curated for city folks with space constraints and busy schedules. If you have any queries do write to me or comment below.

Hope to see you inside the program in case you are an ideal fit for it!


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