30-Day Program Towards Sustainable Living


WHAT: A 30 day “Take charge of your self-sufficiency” program designed to move ahead in your self-sufficiency journey and give your family the ultimate peace of mind.

WHERE: We will conduct this program through online platform

HOW: Every day of these 30 days, I’ll take you through one aspect of the program and one task will be given to you. Each task is designed to help you move closer towards the goal of self-sufficiency. It’s a very sincere commitment and I promise you that with your full involvement, you will achieve your goal by the end of the 30 day program.

WHO IS THIS FOR: For anyone who is serious about taking charge and transforming your lifestyle. This program is designed to give you 100% results but for that I need 100% of your commitment. This essentially means allocating 1 hour a day for the next 30 days. Easy isn’t it? It is absolutely fine if for various reasons you aren’t ready right now. It may not be a fit for all and that is totally fine too.

I can assure you guaranteed success if you are ready to commit to this program for the next 30 days to take your self-sufficiency journey to the next level.

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