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It’s a dream born out of the concerning nature of the modern food industry and fueled by the desperate need to opt out of it.

In a world where, in the name of development and advancement we are running farther and farther away from nature, poisoning our own food and destroying the ecosystem we live in, there is a serious need to change our way of life.

When did farming become the most deplored occupation? Can we change that perspective and help create a better outlook about it for our next generation? Food is life and agriculture is thus a life giving occupation. If we can grow our own food, it is possible to bring about a change in the quality of food we consume and feed our children.

Is it possible? Can we even think of such a thing as producing our own food? In all these years of depending on the grocery store, is it do-able? These are the questions I am trying to find the answers to. And you will get to know too. Through my journey…

Along this journey, I have started making my own chemical free home care and skin care products. I have started sharing my knowledge of sustainable living through carefully curated online workshops.

I am conducting farming classes in schools for children, because I think that’s where we need to start to sow the seeds of healthy environment and conscious living

I am hoping we can slow down just a bit and get back to our roots…