Creating a life I love…

“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.” – Kevin Ngo

Homesteading for me is a way to live the life I want, right now. I don’t know if I always wanted that lifestyle. I really can’t say that truthfully, because at various stages of life I had wanted different things from life.

I come from a family of farmers and landlords and in spite of that I had visited my ancestral village only once every year during my summer vacation as a kid. That’s about it as my dad was in service with the Indian Army and we travelled the length and breadth of India during his various postings. My family was extremely fortunate to be able to live together alongside my dad, which was a rarity considering he was in the Army which meant getting postings in rough terrains where you couldn’t take your family along. So every summer vacation, wherever we were, we would go visiting my grandparents and relatives in the south. That’s how I got my first taste of rural life experience from.

I have seen that life in a village; though great for spending a few days during vacation, it isn’t easy. It’s definitely hard. Basic things which we take for granted in the cities are not easily available in villages. So I was clear on wanting to lead a modern lifestyle with all the comforts. And I did.

I did and I’m still doing it for the past 20 odd years during which I lived in America for a good part and returned back to India and decided to stay in the bustling metro city for work and education of my kids and for the kind of lifestyle it offered.


And yes, I loved every bit of it.

I would never say I didn’t like it in the city just to make my decision to  start a homestead sound…what do I say, more appropriate or politically correct. Because I do like living in the city;

But off late, there is this strong urge to grow my own food, surround myself with beautiful flowering garden, cooking leisurely and spending time sipping tea and reading a book.  The idea of consuming food free of chemicals and leading a simple, wholesome and fulfilling life is what has been fueling this dream.


I also know too well that I can’t completely abandon my city lifestyle and live totally cut-off from it. Thankfully my farm is just 20 kilometres away from the city and I think it would be rather easy to strike a balance between the two.

So here’s hoping my homesteading dream comes true…


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