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At Kalpavriksha Farms, we offer farming program to school students that integrates well with the school curriculum through our “Teach Farming Initiative”. This is a one year program we conducted in HLC International School.

HLC International School, Chennai

It’s a pleasure to be part of a school team that believes in holistic development and future ready kids by providing them 21st century skills. And by that, I don’t mean just tech savvy kids… because that’s all we think of when we say “21st century skills”. But that’s not it!

They need to know how their food grows and what it takes to grow it. Look what’s happened when we outsourced it? Only then will they appreciate what nature does for us and how we need to live in harmony with it. We aren’t going to achieve anything if nature decides otherwise.
Look around! We have enough proof for that, isn’t it?

Learning to grow your own food is a life-skill that needs to be taught to our children to ensure we provide them with all the necessary skills to thrive in harmony with nature.

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A video highlighting our Farm Course for HLC School students during the academic year 2019-2020



Snippets of our farm class in progress…





“Preparing the soil”


“Sowing Seeds”


“Observing plant growth”










Discussions, Brainstorming and lots of learning


This is us getting Ready for the harvest festival!

Harvest done, Menu planned…All that’s left to do is Cook and Enjoy the fruits of our labour!

How fulfilling it is, to be able to grow your own food and know how you grew it and then cook and enjoy it.
The satisfaction is unparalleled! You never fully enjoy something if you haven’t toiled to achieve! And that’s just the plain truth…

Growing food and Cooking are activities we are losing touch with. Both essentially nourish your soul, contrary to the belief that it just nourishes your body. When you grow food, something changes within you! You have to experience it to believe it.





Can’t Stay Calm, as we celebrate our fruits of labour!

Pongal celebrations!!!

  • We prepared the soil
  • Sowed seeds
  • Learnt about the plant life cycle
  • Observed the role of insects
  • Understood the ecosystem
  • Harvested the produce
  • And prepared food using the harvest
  • We learnt why local, seasonal and native crops are best for us
  • We learnt why organic farming is the only way farming should be done….

This was one of the best pongal celebrations ever.

A harvest festival celebrated in the true sense of word!



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