How to grow ginger at home

This is my first successful ginger crop. I did try a couple of times before but somehow it didn’t work out. The truth is I wasn’t really keen on growing it, so I didn’t try much. This time I planted around February-March time frame. Though most of them sprouted well, only some survived. This is a 8-9 month crop.

How to grow ginger at home –
You can easily grow it in pots.

Find some ginger rhizomes with eye buds.
Prepare a pot with some well draining potting mix.
Place them in the soil with eye bud pointing up.
Cover it with 1” to 2” of soil. Water the plant thoroughly until soil gets completely moist till the bottom.
Important tip – Watering must be done once a week but when watered, it much be deep watering.

Place the container in a spot where it gets morning sunlight and complete shade during the day.

After about 10 months, the ginger is ready for harvest. When the stem and leaves start drying up, its an indication that the ginger rhizomes are mature and ready.

Basically you can grow this plant in a semi-shaded balcony as well. This is good news for those with less sunlight in their patio.

Well, the harvest time is nearing for mine. I am definitely planting a bigger batch next year like I did with turmeric.  

If you haven’t grown ginger yet, you must definitely try!

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