“Sabzi me keede acche hain” – The case of the missing worms in our vegetables…

Just like Surf Excel’s tagline “Daag acche hain”, I would love for a campaign to start on “Sabzi Me Keede Acche Hain” and hope it becomes a national movement, because it’s so crucial for our well-being, for our kid’s well-being and for of course, everyone’s well-being….

I know how it feels to see a worm in vegetables…I used to cringe and gag at the sight of it, just like everyone else. As far as I could remember,  it used to be a regular thing to find a worm or two in brinjals, lady’s fingers etc. but when I got back to India after a stint of 8 years in the US, I noticed that I hardly ever came across a vegetable which was worm infested. Whatever was the reason I didn’t care a bit as I was quite happy with it and thought the quality of vegetables in supermarkets has improved and probably they sourced vegetables from vendors who carefully pick out best vegetables and send them to the retailers and that might be one of the reasons for hiked prices in supermarkets.

Yeah right? But, boy was I wrong!

The case of the missing worms from our vegetables is not a big mystery which needs Sherlock Holmes to investigate. It’s the result of overuse of pesticides on the crops which deter the worms from infesting the crops. Yes, we can be very happy about the “no worms” state in the vegetables we buy, but at what cost? At the cost of poisoning our bodies with harmful chemicals…

Not only that, chemicals are sprayed to increase the shelf-life of vegetables and fruits as well. Therefore the produce we buy stays fresh longer, without going limp or decaying for many weeks. This also seems like such a blessing to all of us who can’t frequent the market but again, at what cost?

As mothers we want to feed as much veggies and fruits to our kids for the nutritional benefits they provide. Now I wonder; are we feeding or poisoning our children in the name of nutrition?

Buying organic produce seemed like a logical decision for me and I have stuck with it for more than three years now.

Now, when I come across a worm while handling the vegetables…. honestly, I do cringe but I am also extremely happy. You know why?? Because if this little fella can survive feeding on that vegetable of mine, I am sure it’s completely safe for me and my family. And that goes for my rice grains and other groceries too…I am happy to see those creepy crawlies just to know that all’s well with my food. And when I see my carrots and cabbage wilt, I don’t get upset… I just make a mental note to use them up quickly and order a fresh batch soon.

So now do you agree…sabzi me keede acche hain!!!


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