So what’s stopping you…Dream on!

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen” – Paulo Coelho


I am super excited today, you know why? ; Because something has made me believe in the above mentioned quote. Whether you call it Law of attraction or any other philosophical funda, all I have to say is… IT IS TRUE people!

What makes me say so? Here’s the thing!  So here I am sitting in my apartment in a high rise building in a bustling metropolitan city working a regular job and dreaming about living in a quaint little farm-house surrounded by fruit trees and flowering shrubs, growing organic vegetables on my farm which is located some 20 kms away from the city limits. But to my frustration, getting electricity connection for our farm is being delayed for over a year and a half now, which basically ruins all my plans of doing anything there.( If you haven’t already read about my ranting, you can read it here)

In the last couple of weeks, my frustration regarding not able to start my farm project reached its threshold as I started wondering whether I could ever be able to do anything concrete on my farm or is my dream going to remain just that…a dream. I was so fed up of waiting around for things to fall into place like that electricity connection, which I didn’t have any control over that  I started thinking of what I could be doing instead while waiting around to get that damn connection. Bored and frustrated of waiting around, I thought of using this time to research on things I need to know about farming and try to get as much information as possible on organic farming, building a sustainable farm house and networking with like-minded people.

Just as soon as that thought crossed my mind, almost Immediately, I was able to connect with people who were in similar field. One gave us a tour of his farm land and shared his knowledge on sustainable agriculture and another friend who supplies organic vegetable and groceries for us let us in on loads of information on organic sugar, A2 milk, cold pressed oil and native seeds vs. hybrid seeds. We learnt quite lot from them and we also got some contacts about other people with similar goals.

That’s not it! As luck would have it, I came across a hands on workshop on “Growing a Food Forest” on my Facebook feed through a page I follow. On further inquiry and a telecon later, I couldn’t believe my luck that I had stumbled upon such a wonderful opportunity. The workshop had all the components my husband and I were looking for and much more. And the workshop also promises networking with communities with like-minded people to help achieve each other’s dream and more importantly putting our dreams into action!

Now, what do you call this? Mere coincidence?

I don’t think so…

So what’s stopping you…Dream on!

Dated: 22-11-2017

PS: The date is important. It will help me keep track of my project.


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