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I have always wondered about why people are not quite willingly accepting the organic way of life knowing pretty well what’s there in the food we buy nowadays…And then it occurred to me that anything which is home grown/ homemade/ handmade/   handcrafted…is always expensive. And the cheaper counterparts are readily available in abundance in our nearby supermarkets! Of course we are going to go for the cheaper ones, no doubt!

Another thing which is playing havoc is our super busy lifestyle that makes us prone to falling prey to convenience. Readymade, Ready to eat, door delivered… all these are strategically targeted towards people like us who have the money but no time. Just look at the sheer number of restaurants and convenience stores that have mushroomed in every inch of space so to speak.

We don’t have time to buy our produce anymore, don’t have time to cook meals at home, don’t have time to eat as a family anymore; then what are we running around making all that money for?

I had been caught up in the web of life with marriage, kids, education, job and living in the US among other things. Slowly but steadily a dream of owning a farm and growing my own food started making its presence felt quite strongly. It was a dream born out of the concerning nature of the modern food industry and fuelled by the desperate need to opt out of it.

So while I had all the other things going on in life, we somehow managed to buy a small farm on the outskirts of the city. I also started experimenting with growing plants and reading and learning more about organic farming. The urge to devote more time to fulfil my dreams grew stronger and thus one fine day I took the bold decision to quit my job and get into this full time.

From a small dream a couple of years back to owning a farm and trying to become self- sufficient has surely been an interesting ride so far.

We are all working so hard day and night and bringing home fat pay checks but not having the time to eat a proper meal in peace. All this race to afford a good lifestyle is actually making us run farther away from good health and…what’s a good lifestyle without good health.

All that money is not providing us good food and by good food I don’t mean a meal at a fancy restaurant. I mean a plate of good wholesome chemical free food which we know for sure contains nothing harmful and has all the goodness it’s supposed to have.

We all know the vicious role these chemicals are playing in our lives and with our lives…

So what can we do? How can a common man fight against this menace?

Before we resign, let’s give this a thought.

Let’s try to build small communities with known trustworthy circles of people who are consciously doing what they do best!

It’s time to create such micro-communities.

Let’s find people, who grow crops organically, let’s find home chefs who cook healthy meals, let’s find people who make pastries without compromising on ingredients.  Let’s form such communities which are built on trust and on whom we can depend on for our everyday needs.

Let’s stop feeding the mass production culture and support small businesses instead.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

-by Margaret Mead

Kadam chhota, change bada

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