Thatched roof gazebo for outdoor picnic table

In our earliest plans for our farm, we had this idea of an outdoor picnic area with a gazebo like finish with thatched roof. But somehow with all the other things on priority at that time, it didn’t materialize. We kind of gave up on that for the time-being and went about the tasks at hand.

Fast forward to 3 years later…

As we were looking at the coconut trees and realized it was time for pruning the leaves. We called upon our regular tree climber who did this for us periodically. By the end of the process, I realized that there were way too many leaves that we were left around post the pruning. And suddenly, this vision of the long forgotten gazebo came to mind. I had no idea how I would go about it. All I had in front of me was some coconut fronds…that’s when this crazy thought of using it up for the gazebo, took seed in my mind. I guess I never thought of having a roof over the outdoor lunch area but realized over the past months that both during scorching hot summer months and during the rainy days, we weren’t able to use the space much. And having a roof over it might mean that we would actually use it more often!

Have a quick look at the process we went through to get this done! Don’t forget to read the rest of the post though!

So, with that clarity in place we found an old artisan who lived in the village and got him to get our fronds braided.

And a week later, we hired some help to build the structure over the lunch area and in two week’s our thatched roof gazebo was ready!

All made from my very own coconut fronds…And Just in time for the monsoons too. So excited to have this addition!

I am always looking for upcycling everything my farm generates… the weeds, pruned leaves everything…And that’s how one of my dreams to have a picnic table with a gazebo like set-up came to life!

But you know what the Best-est part of this gazebo is;

  • Made from my own coconut fronds
  • Some of my own home grown bamboos
  • Coir ropes
  • Local Artisan (braiding the fronds)
  • Local labour (for building the structure -villagers)
  • 100% Sustainable!!!

What a joy it was to have our lunch today at under this beautiful gazebo while it was… pouring! Rain or shine , I don’t have a care anymore. We can use this space so much more effectively without weather conditions playing spoil sport.

A place to rest our weary bones in the middle of a hectic garden season…

A place to have our picnics, barbeques, mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks too…

Do you dream of such a space too…?


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4 thoughts on “Thatched roof gazebo for outdoor picnic table”

  1. Mindset change and the absence of a transactional relationship seem to be the key words to make an enduring change in our lives. Loved the thatched roof video! You are already living the change ! Looking forward to doing a session on organic ways of growing
    Kamala Suri

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