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We are ready to have people over at our farm. Never in our wildest imagination did we visualise this day to arrive so soon. And yet, here we are! Ready to embrace something we have never done before.

The date was decided on a whim as we have been contemplating this for quite some time, deliberating, planning and then scrapping the whole idea then starting afresh.

The moment the date was finalized, we felt a euphoria like none we had experienced before. A rush of emotions and excitement surged through us but also a slight tinge of anxiety about doing something new…

With all this came the responsibility of setting the expectations right. So, expect to see a farm that’s a work in progress, Not a manicured, landscaped space but a farm that had taken a lot of work and still has a long way to go…


There is no agenda friends, none at all. Just walk-in, grab a cup of coffee and wander around to your heart’s content. Visit the vegetable garden, try to identify trees saplings or chase some butterflies if you are up to it…

While you are there, check out our homemade and handcrafted soaps and body-butters prepared at home with the choicest of oils, butters and essential oils.


I guess, that about it! If spending a Saturday at a farm is your kind of thing, then you are certainly at the right place.


We are extremely delighted to invite you to visit our farm. Come on over with friends and family and spend some time at Kalpavriksha Farm.  Mark your calendars.

Date: 13th Oct 2018 (Saturday)

Hardly a week left to go…We are super excited to meet you all!

Until next time!


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11 thoughts on “Welcome To My Farm”

    1. It sure brings me a lot of joy… And what’s better than that is spreading the joy! Thank you Arv. The invitation is open to you too. Anytime you are in Chennai, don’t forget to drop in. ☺️

  1. Wow Kalpana. All the very best. I remember going to my friend’s farm on the day she was planting all the trees in the periphery of the farm. It was so much fun and a lot of hard work.

  2. The Words Kraft

    Organic farming is something that we desperately need. The amount of pesticide and chemical we have been consuming is sheer disaster. It’s like playing ping-pong with our health.

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