5 Tips for Goal Setting as an Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur? I know the decision fatigue that comes with the territory. I know the feeling of being scattered and overwhelmed! I know how it feels when you have tons of work lined up and you don’t know where to start. I constantly find myself in that space because if you have followed me for any amount of time, you would know all the areas I stretch into. It surely get overwhelming and not to mention land me in the state of analysis-paralysis; that’s just a term to describe the amount of time we spend analyzing things that it paralyzes us from actually taking any action. Believe me, I know what it’s like. Been there. Done that!

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So, to catch you up to speed in case you are new here– I am an organic farmer and that means I need to plan things on my farm, sow, grow, harvest, weed, manure etc and I also run multiple online businesses and coaching. I conduct farming classes for school students and I also conduct mentorship programs. Apart from all this, I blog about farming and sustainable living and I also have a YouTube channel. Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur definitely comes with its own bliss and chaos. At any given point of time, I have a million ideas swirling around in my mind and I can get pretty excited about most of them. But, I often get pretty overwhelmed too!

And that’s why I have to download all those ideas from my mind, on to a paper. I call it The Brain Dump! And believe it, this one step just puts a lot of things into perspective for me. It helps me rationalize the feasibility of some of those goals and helps me think clearly on whether it is something I can achieve in the given time frame. Once this activity is done, I feel much more in control as my mind is clear and there is no mind clutter. I have enough clarity which helps me plan effectively to see my goals to fruition.




So here’s my 5 step approach to setting goals so I can actually achieve them;

1.Be realistic

Keeping it manageable is very important. Having audacious dreams and goals are okay as long as you are ready to be laser focused on achieving them and they fit your time-line. But do not have unrealistic expectations and do not bite more than you can chew.

2.Be ready to feel uncomfortable

Because it will be. Though I say that your goals must be realistic, it is also crucial that they have a bit of a stretch to push you out of your comfort zone. That’s where the growth is for an entrepreneur. You have to constantly push your limits just a bit. You need to feel butterflies in your stomach. It has to make you take a bit of a leap.

3.Be super specific

I can’t stress on this enough. Vague goals are just daydreams and a sure-shot way to failure. They don’t materialize, so don’t kid yourself with vagueness. Be very specific on what exactly you want to achieve.

4.Breaking the broad goals into actionable steps

Always break down goals into simple actionable steps that will get you moving forward. It could be something very simple but it has to be doable.

5.Start working!

Last but not the least; once the planning is in place, you got to start working! Nothing gets done without actually getting up and doing it! SO, GET MOVING!


PS: Please be kind to yourself. Always remember, not to expect perfection from yourself. That’s an unrealistic expectation that keeps you from moving forward. I am a recovering perfectionist and I know how many of my dream projects never saw the day light because of the unnecessary need for perfection in my tasks. Do not Procrastinate. Procrastination is just insecurity cloaked as perfectionism. It’s just your brain fooling you. Get past it. Take one small step , but consistent steps forward and you will get there soon!

My mantra is – Take messy action Today!

The first step won’t be great, but it’s okay! Just take that first step now! That’s all that matters.

Once you take that first step forward, you gain momentum. Your brain is now in the action mode. And so then take the next step and the next step forward. Commit to your goals. Don’t take no for an answer.

Also remember, sometimes you might need to pause and take a step back. That’s okay too. Pause but don’t quit. Be flexible but also know the difference between procrastination and being flexible. Know when your brain starts playing tricks on you. Catch yourself from the downward spiral and move forward.

You will be on your way to slaying your goals like a pro in no time! And if you are an aspiring farmer with space for gardening then do check out how I planned my garden,


Hope this helped. Do share some of your tips with me.

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  1. “Be realistic” is the most important tip for goal setting as an entrepreneur and I got some exciting information through this posting. These are really helpful points and I appreciate the list. I am going to share the post with my sister who is a new entrepreneur. Thanks and keep posting more!

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