A chance meeting turns profound

I had an opportunity to attend a program a couple of weeks back, 7th April 2018 to be exact, which was beautifully titled “Conversations on Food & Health” at an organic food store. The title was surely intriguing and I was waiting to hear what this was all about. It was headed by Wellness Coach Mr. Vinoth Kumar V S.

Surely as the title suggested the 2 hours session did flow effortlessly in a conversational style exploring various topics such as;

*How to support Natural Healing through Right Food
*How to make conscious Food Choices to support Wellbeing
*Discussion on Practical Challenges in adopting a Healthy Life Style
*Understanding Food Quality
*Down to Earth approach to Design a Balanced Diet on your Own
*Understand the Philosophy behind Food Combinations
*Understand the Basics of Conservative Cooking
It was all about treating your body right with the right kind of food, adequate physical activity and most importantly sufficient rest.

His basic mantra was simple…

  • Just listen to your body; it’s more intelligent than you think.
  • Your body can heal itself if it’s treated right.
  • Right kind of food at the right time and sufficient rest is all that is needed.
  • Instead of understanding the symptoms that are basically signs given by our body to signal a problem (such as fever, vomiting or aches and pains), we try to suppress the symptoms in order to feel better and thus don’t address the cause and underlying issue.

There were simultaneous Q & A sessions on Food & Health which were answered to satisfaction by Mr. Vinoth. By the time the session ended, all the participants were in total agreement with the philosophy behind Nature Cure.

It totally made sense…it wasn’t some hotch-potch new-age thing, just a common-sensical approach to health and its relationship with food.

V S Vinoth kumar is a Wellness Coach practicing Natural Life Style and has a lot of experience in supporting Natural Healing Process. http://vsvinothkumar.blogspot.in/

Part -2

Following the 2 hour session on “Conversations on Food & Health” my husband and I decided on attending a 3 day session by Mr. Vinoth Kumar at Vellore with my kids and what an eye-opener it was…and to think we had it all wrong up until then about food and it’s connection to our body and ultimately our health is something I am not able to come to terms with.

This is yet another one of those myth-busting sessions where you come to know that all you have been doing all along, all the knowledge about food we have been taught and were made to believe is so completely untrue… so completely wrong!

What if, someone tells you that your body can heal itself of any ailment if you just allow it to do its job without suppressing its function by taking medication?

Would you believe if someone tells you that Sun and Water are the best healers in this world?

Mind-boggling right?

I know we have heard about a lot of such things… but we all have our doubts and fears about whether it really works? Is it even possible?

Maybe it is!

And the best part of this session was that my kids who were very sceptical at the beginning and challenged all the concepts put-forth were totally convinced with the explanations.

It made sense to them.

It made sense to all of us…

Part – 3

After the wellness session with Mr. Vinoth Kumar, back in Chennai we tried to chart-out a healthy routine by incorporating the learning as much as we possibly could.

We start our day with an alkaline drink, that is, a glass of water infused with any edible leaf with a subtle taste, followed by sun-gazing (rising sun) and sun-bathing, basically exposure to early morning sunlight which imparts healing power to our body.

Our morning breakfast comprises of fruit…and lots of it, but it has to be only one type of fruit. Everyday a different fruit can/must be included.

Lunch ideally must be raw vegetable salad which is something we are finding it difficult to incorporate, so we have been eating more of cooked vegetables with little rice or wheat portion.

For dinner, we again try to include loads of vegetable in the dishes we prepare.

And by loads…I mean truck loads!

Seriously we have never eaten so much of vegetables and fruits in one meal ever…and for that I would be forever grateful. Because I have never been able to feed so much vegetables and fruits to my kids except until they were 3 year olds. (You only have control of what goes into their mouth till that age)

But the most challenging aspect of the routine was also the food part. The ultimate foodies that we are, it was very important for us to balance it all out without compromising. So, we came up with almost all our usual dishes on the menu with a twist…

We always made most of our food from scratch and now we went an extra mile to ensure that we didn’t buy anything packaged.  From Whole wheat pizzas, whole wheat pastas,whole wheat soft tacos and all loaded with veggies. One part carbs and 3 parts vegetables. So far so good.

We try and incorporate raw vegetables as a meal as and when possible.

It is quite simple to follow a healthy lifestyle. All we need to do is stop saying just one thing – That it’s too difficult or it’s impossible.

Once we followed at least seventy percent of the above mentioned things, we could really feel the difference. In all this, I owe a big thank you to my kids who were so aligned to this thought process that they constantly inspired us.

Basically raw fruits and vegetables have more life and vitality in it which gives your body all the important nutrients to sustain, repair and heal itself.

This is all there is to a healthy life and yet we make it so complicated.

And I’m guilty as charged as anyone else.

But now, a new chapter of awareness unfolds…


Pic courtesy : Author’s own


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2 thoughts on “A chance meeting turns profound”

  1. Wowww.. After reading the blog , I feel someone beautifully articulated my mind , I can relate most of the Experience.

    Vinoth has always been my guiding-light & source of support personally & professionally.

    Hopefully, soon I will also write my “Nature Cure Journey”

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