A date with French cuisine

We have tried a couple of Julia Child’s dishes after that amazing first one. There was “Pear liqueur Claufeutis” and then “Gratin Dauphinois”; (btw, learning to pronounce them is half the fun I say) I had shared these only on my stories as they didn’t quite make us fall head-over-heels in love. The former felt more like a baked version of pancakes with pear and the latter was basically baked potatoes with cheese. It sure was tasty. Though we knew the outcome, we went ahead with it simply because we realized that most of her main entrées were non-vegetarian and it wasn’t possible for us to make them often. So we chose starters and deserts on other days.

Today we decided to make Feuilletée Au Fromage – Jalousie Au Fromage. Let me translate this in English as much as possible – it’s a baked puff-pastry with shutter-like slits on top with a cheese filling.

Now, D wanted to go on a little shopping trip to pick up some “exotic” cheese that were as French as possible, if you know what I mean. We are lucky to be located close to a farmstead called “The farm” where they have a good selection of their in-house cheeses. They also give it an indigenous twist to some of them. So here’s what we got. We shopped around to find that the “Tomme” variety was the closest and they carried a version that gave homage to the place they were located in. So we got what was named “Tomme De Semancheri”. Aah I love that! How cool, isn’t it? We also picked up another variant of Monterey Jack that was named “Malabar Pepper Jack”. It had whole black peppers mind you!
I loved how they took these exotic varieties and made them their own! We also picked up a ton of other stuff which included a sourdough baguette!

While we prep the pasty dough and get the other things in order, we decide to try some bruschetta with our Malabar pepper Jack and the French baguette. Full on flavour with a nice punch!

All in all we are ready for yet another adventure – the 4th one so far! I will update the recipe soon on my blog. Hope you checked the previous one! If not, Click HERE

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