Being Under The Weather:

There is only so much our bodies can take. Seriously! We overestimate our power a little too much occasionally only to be reminded of how wrong we were when we fall sick. That period makes you aware of the muscles you never thought existed. And makes you thankful for the roles they play silently day in and day out without drawing attention to themselves. But now, when you are down in the dumps with whatever bug that has your body wrapped around its little finger, you are painfully aware of the presence of each of those muscles. Can’t imagine how a tiny little virus can make your body twitch in pain and give you the shivers.

Life was going on fine and we were back from our Pongal holidays, when my son falls sick due to a viral infection. As it happens in all families, nursing him back to health with constant sponging, checking and recording his temperature throughout the night did take a toll on me. Slowly dear son starts feeling better and I start feeling sick. The following morning is terrible due the sleepless night before and I get up with half a mind to send in my leave request but immediately change my mind after seeing dozens of mails regarding things to be taken care of at work that day, by none other than yours truly. A quick exchange of notes with my husband on whether he could stay home with sick sonny and consider working from home, I am all set to go to work.

At work, I expect myself to drag along like a zombie but miraculously I don’t feel tired or sleepy, although it’s a different story that there is no time to feel anything as the day speeds past in a blur of events. The next day comes and goes with a couple more agendas added to the dozen and half already on list.

What surprises me more than anything is that as long as I was running around doing all the work related things maintaining a cheerful outlook so my co-workers don’t get a clue of how I actually feel, everything seemed fine. But the moment I entered the comfort of my home and drop my bag, I start feeling all the weight of the world on our shoulders and I start dragging myself to drop on the bed.

Now if this is not a trick played by my devilish mind then what is? The minute my body registers that it’s Saturday and I have a weekend to relax and rest my head on the pillow, my temperature starts soaring and my body starts shivering uncontrollably. What the hell man! I was absolutely fine (or so my mind tricked me into thinking) an hour back at work looking all cheerful and ticking off each item on the agenda with a smile on my face and suddenly, now this! Who would believe this? The Mysterious ways mind and body connection works!

Now that the weekend is completely ruined and I am down, my husband takes up the role of nursing me and guess what, as the day progresses he is down with “whatever bug that is” that’s been bothering us. So from being a caretaker to being a person who needs care it’s all a matter of time. Now two sick people taking care of each other by taking turns based on who has lesser temperature at a given time as per the thermometer. So lying side by side, we look at each other pitifully at the irony of it all and we start laughing weakly only to be followed by fits of cough.

20180124_152406 (1)

With the kids’ exams going on, we didn’t want to leave them by themselves, so we sit on the sofa equipped with socks, blanket and all till they are done prepping and then drag ourselves back to the divine sick bed. In all this misery, the silver lining was the feeling that we were there for each other and took turns taking care of the bare minimum things around the house. With a hot water flask, medications and comforter by our side, we are trying to help each other cope and pull through this, one day at a time.



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