Going on 13…

What a sea change this number brings… To see your little cuddly baby grow into a toddler and then a pre-schooler and finally now a teenager (yeah, that’s what I mean by 13 here) is not something you grow accustomed to easily. All other stages before this seem not quite alarming, but this number 13 …

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Every mom’s heart-ache

Ok, I have been feeling desolate for these past few weeks. You know, the feeling that every mother experiences at various stages in her parenting journey; the constant thought that whatever little quirks our kid is doing right now, may stop anytime; that you never know when it might be the last time they might …

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Does questioning necessarily mean disobedience?

It’s important to allow children to question the norms no matter how controversial it may sound; Just because we never questioned our parents and took it up as stated doesn’t mean our kids need to follow suit. Only in an environment where children feel safe, secure and get unconditional love, will they push boundaries and …

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