Random Musings

Stereotypes Don’t Define Us

There is something about fitting in, that no matter what our age is, we all want to belong to a certain tribe. That sense of belonging-ness gives us a sort of comfort and therefore early on, we unassumingly start falling into the stereotypical slots that the society has created. We start identifying with one particular group more than the other…

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August Reflections – #GratitudeCircle

Well, this is the first time I am writing a gratitude list. August took me on a roller-coaster ride; lots of reasons to be grateful for and some very challenging instances that eventually made me stronger; but in all, it was a very important month that saw soaring highs and plunging lows in equal measure. Things have been going amazingly…

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Blogger overwhelm

#WriteTribe #writingWednesdays “Blogger Overwhelm”- Now this aptly describes my current state. Yeah, overwhelmed I am and to the extent that I want to switch off from social media for now; I was never a consistent blogger but it never affected me as I was busy with my full-time job and blogging was a passion to which I contributed to only…

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