Chasing your bliss

I journal. Everyday. And I get a lot of deep insights as I navigate my thoughts. This particular thought had me thinking…(oh look, ‘thought had me thinking’ – how words are failing me, I tell you)
We’ve been told what life is all about, how to live our lives and the whole nine yards. But what if, we chose to chase our bliss and live it instead! Even if it doesn’t look like what everyone else is doing. Even if it looked weird to others. How’d that be?
To my surprise, I realized that I have been unknowingly doing this ever since I chose to follow my dreams! Only now I do it more intentionally. Not just for the bigger goals or dreams but for everyday things.
The 3 most sacred things for me is my time, energy and space.
Something that I recently incorporated is spending my mornings at the beach. It’s just a 10 min drive and I don’t know why I put it off for some distant special occasion. If something gives you joy, why not do it often. Time spent in nature is that priceless thing money can’t buy. If you have the privilege to experience it, don’t ever miss it.

Today, out of the blue I felt like doing embroidery on a bed spread that I had been dreaming to do for a long time. So, I simply picked it up and spent 2 blissful hours doing it.
(Where do I find time? Well, getting up early has certainly helped…)

We also made some AMAZING cannelloni for lunch. Daughter had this sudden hit of craving and we dove head-long into making it because, Bliss!

I’m taking carnatic music lessons (currently from my daughter) but eventually we both are looking to train with a teacher; but for now, we have started the practice and that’s another blissful pocket of time I look forward in the evenings.

✨I guess chasing my bliss is my thing now!✨

💫What’s your everyday bliss?

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