DIY Chemical Free Living Workshop


Learn to make natural cleaners at home



SANTHOSH CHAUDHARY workshop participant

“Hi Kalpana. Was looking for a way to start a chemical free life and came across your Wksp. I am so glad I enrolled for your BE Wksp. You were so patient and so open during the entire Wksp. Have taken this step towards organic life and the credit goes to you. Have already tried rice enzymes to excellent results. Waiting for the first lot of BE to be ready Would love to attend more of your wksps. I wish you more success in your life. Keep doing the good work”


RENUKA workshop participant

“I used to cringe every time I used chemical laden cleaners. I have always wanted to lead a lifestyle which doesn’t harm other beings as much as possible. Using seeyakkai, payatha maavu, etc are my little efforts towards such a lifestyle. I should say that, your class which taught me to make bio enzyme is a game changer! I’m very thankful for your effort to hold hand at every step of the process. Your support and encouragement are the reasons for my almost guilt free lifestyle now! And, I should say that, you are one of the best teachers that I have come across so far! Thank you so much, Kalpana!”


Dr. Sunali Majmuddar, workshop participant

Hi Kalpana ! Gratitude Gift collage is Blessed with Divine Mantra, Reiki Life Force Energy & with a Prayer so that who ever see this in your website get inspired to participate in Natural Cleaners Workshop! I Am Grateful for all your teachings, guidance & contribution in my life😄🙏🏻


Are you looking to switch to 100% natural home cleaners for your home care needs? You have come to the right place.

Do you feel that these home cleaners are difficult to make, if you are living in an apartment? Do you think you will never be able to replace all the store-bought cleaners? Always apprehensive about the effectiveness of online content? Felt that someone to guide you,could make it easier to do these?

You may be spending about INR 12,000 every year on many harmful chemical cleaners.

What if I tell you that I can help you replace all your chemical cleaners? I am a practitioner, doing these for years now.

I conduct online classes on DIY Chemical Free Natural Home Cleaners.  Through this online workshop, I will be sharing my learning and experiences as videos and reference material to get you STARTED and SUSTAIN. I will provide mentoring and guidance during the workshop and post workshop for 1 month.

Attend this online workshop for 1 hour each day for 5 days. I assure you that your time and effort spent will be worthwhile. A simple DIY skill to learn, to move towards a healthy home. 

You will get LIFE TIME ACCESS to entire Workshop Content, including ALL the VIDEOs and PDFs.

Not only this, you will also get ONE MONTH of POST WORKSHOP SUPPORT

Next Workshop Batch starts soon. Limited to ONLY 20 participants. 

DIY Natural Cleaners


In the name of “cleaning”, on a daily basis we use close to 20+ dangerous chemicals that are linked to deadly diseases. And constant exposure to such chemicals weaken our immunity and makes us prone to such diseases. There is increasing evidence that indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air pollution.

It is time to get rid of these toxins and lead a chemical-free natural lifestyle and give your kids a toxin-free environment. Organic, Eco-friendly Bioenzyme is the answer to your home cleaning needs. Through this online workshop, I will be teaching how to make Bio-enzyme based cleaners and many more herbal cleaners too.

By making your own Natural Cleaners you will ;

  • Eliminate toxic chemicals from your home
  • Become Self-Sufficient in your home-cleaning needs
  • Make your home environment healthy and toxin-free
  • Become a Eco-Champion!
  • Save tons of money!!!
  • Help contribute to Saving our Planet

If you could do just one thing, to make your dream of sustainable living a reality, start with this!

Take this one step Today to Kick-Start your journey towards a Sustainable, Eco-conscious and Healthy living.



List of natural cleaners that you will learn:

  1. Floor Cleaner
  2. Bathroom Cleaner
  3. Toilet Cleaner
  4. Mirror/ Glass Cleaner
  5. Tile/Sink Cleaner
  6. Cleaning Silverware
  7. Car Wash Cleaner
  8. Stove-top/Chimney cleaner
  9. Heavy-duty Cleaner for greasy surfaces
  10. Unclogging Drains


If you have further queries, you can send me a WhatsApp message at 9789867598 HERE or send a private message through FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM

During the course of this workshop, you will learn how to make Bioenzymes and various homemade natural cleaners by yourself.

This is a PAID course.



You will get LIFE TIME ACCESS to entire Workshop Content, including ALL the VIDEOs and PDFs.

Not only this, you will also get ONE MONTH of POST WORKSHOP SUPPORT


In case you need more details before you can decide, fill these details so that we can connect with you.



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