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There is so much happening on the farm right now that can’t even begin talking about it… The amount of work we did in the last 2 days makes me wonder how we did it…

But, you know, that’s the kind of work that leaves you happy and satisfied after doing it, not frustrated or exhausted.

I can’t wait to share the ongoing activities, but more on that soon…

Today, I am not going to talk about that. Today is about something else. You see the picture below?… Well, THIS is the kind of grocery shopping I want to do…

Pic Courtesy – Author’s own

I don’t want to take one cloth bag to the store and bring back 20 different plastic bags that my grocery comes packaged in! What good is that? OK, so we reduced one plastic bag but that does not solve much, does it? Agreed, that it’s a good step… But that’s not enough.

Look here; this is Ecoindian – Zerowaste Organic Store at Mylapore, Chennai. It’s a zero waste store in the true sense of word.

You can take your own bags /containers / bottles to purchase the items. They have cereals, pulses, spices, ground mixes, oil, nuts, dry fruits, stationery and toiletries.


Pic courtesy – Author’s own

If distance is a problem for you just like me. fear not, they have started their Zero-Waste Delivery services too, where they refill your products at your doorstep.

How wonderful, isn’t it!

Now if you are looking at those cute little bags in the picture, well, that was custom made in different sizes by my dad, just for me. Aren’t they lovely!

So folks, here, under the header “Sustainable Living” I will be sharing my finds and alternate sources that are sustainable, healthy and something that I have personally used and loved!

I had to search high and low to find them, and therefore I am sharing them here with you so you don’t have to. This is especially for Chennai folks.

Keep visiting my blog to find more options and alternate solutions to live a conscious and healthy life.

Until next time…

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