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I have nearly stopped reading heavy, serious books. It wasn’t a conscious decision to begin with, though; I don’t know when exactly this started, but slowly somewhere I decided it meddled with my mind and heart so much that I found myself entangled with the character’s turmoil… and ended up being traumatised by it. Not just for a while, but for a prolonged period of time. And that’s not fun… I don’t like to be in that kind of space, and I guess that’s why I slowly started maintaining my distance from such books. Same goes for movies too…

Sometimes I wonder if this disability (yeah that’s what I call ‘it’) of mine kept me from reading some epic works of literature. But I still found it worthwhile for me to stay clear of such titles, as only you can decide how much is too much for you.

Being a sensitive person has its own disadvantages, and this is one of them. I can’t forget and move on as soon as I close a book; and for that matter, even after watching a movie, I can’t just walk out of a theatre and forget all about it. It haunts me for a very long time. And I guess after lots of such traumatic instances, probably sensibility set in and I decided to avoid things (books or movies) that are too dark, heavy, tragic or traumatic.

I figured out from my own experiences what suits me best. Maintaining a sunny disposition and happy state of mind is very important for me. Negativity is such a life-drainer… it just sucks the life out of anything and make things appear gloomy. You learn things as you grow older and that makes you a tad bit wiser, I suppose.

Not only that, I also learnt that this probably shouldn’t be restricted to just books or movies that make you feel sad and tortured. It should also be applicable to anything or anyone around you who makes you feel sad or depressed. Whether it is a person, a relationship, a certain space or a thing, it needs to be avoided to maintain your own sense of peace. Don’t let any toxicity build in, no matter in what form. It’s not worth it…

Surround yourself with positivity whether it is in the form of good books, good people, good environment… anything that makes you happy, makes you smile, and makes you enjoy life…

Surround yourself with positivity and the rest will follow….

Live, love, stay happy and spread happiness!

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