It’s been a year of Chillies

The year of chillies!!! This year has definitely been the year of chillies. Have a look at this little clip and tell me how many colours and varieties of chillies can you spot?

Just looking at them gives me so much happiness. I was able to grow Purple Cayenne Peppers, Birds Eye Chillies, Kashmiri chillies and some native varieties too. Basically harvested loads of them, more than enough to grind my own chilli powder.

I am flipping through my farm journal and I see that I had drawn and recorded my goal for this year. Looks like I have achieved it already!

The sheer amount of work, time and energy that this picture represents is startling! The satisfaction is beyond comprehension, of course!
Anyone who grows their own food, harvests and preserves would know.

I have come a long way as a farmer, as a person; and what I’ve become in the process is far beyond what my logical mind could imagine.

Growing, processing and using that spice in your food is an experience I cherish. A simple potato fry suddenly carries a new meaning and appreciation! This fresh batch of chilli powder and my January batch of turmeric powder with my freshly ground coconut oil to fry my potatoes…Divine!


I have already posted a detailed video on my YouTube channel on how to process your own chilli powder.

Click this link to check it out if you haven’t. While you are there, scroll down to see the detailed turmeric video as well.

Here’s to growing more and more self-sufficient in our needs.

What are you trying this year in your garden?

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