My first batch of class 10…

“A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops”– Henry Adams       I realized today how true this statement was….

Today being the last working day for my class 10 students, lots of things were on the cards.  First was a temple visit to get the blessings of the almighty and then of course a class photograph, to be cherished for years to come and there was also the farewell party for class 12.

I got ready for school expecting only these events and of course a small reminder to myself that I need to tell my students to collect their practical records from the lab as a reference for their board exams. Today being Friday, I had the first period with them and that gave me some surety that I might be able to do as I planned before they got caught up with their events for the day. Once in the class, after handing over their books, I sat down for a casual chat with them, knowing well that I might be meeting some of them for the last time as they may have plans of moving to another school.

What I didn’t expect was the torrent of emotions this was going to unleash. What started as a casual reminiscence, going down the memory lane (some as long as 6 years back as I had being teaching some of them since they were in 4thgrade) slowly turned into an emotional roller-coaster.  Soon there was no stopping those tears from streaming down their cheeks. Everyone shared some incident or the other….saying they loved me because I was fair to all and never partial, some said they liked how I always came well-prepared for every  class, while some liked the fact that no matter how silly or out of context their doubts were, I never brushed them aside etc..etc…

The most heart-warming one was shared by my newest student who had been with me for just a year. She started out by telling me how I was the reason she started liking Biology, as up- until then she had hated that subject. (Did I mention that I am a Biology teacher? Well, now you know).  I couldn’t believe it completely though, as kids say the darndest things sometimes in an emotional state. As if sensing it, she insisted that I listen to the whole story and went on to share that due to her earlier hatred for the subject, she had clearly told her family that she would never take up medicine as a profession. Her parents were really disappointed as they had high hopes of seeing their daughter become a doctor.

Then, one day, after one of my classes where I was explaining the circulatory system and how the human heart works (yes, she even remembered the exact topic) she had gone home and told her mom that she wanted to do medicine. Her mother was obviously stunned but of course very happy to hear that and the reason behind her decision.

Just like that, an important, monumental decision was made.

So when I hear such instances, it makes me wonder how many lives we touch in this profession, without even realizing it.

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32 thoughts on “My first batch of class 10…”

  1. A teacher’s job is as tough as it is admirable. The onus of shaping minds and shaping lives lies on them. It was lovely to read this heart warming account. IF that student ends up being a doctor, we all know who her success will be attributed to 🙂

  2. So lovely to hear that Maya. You are so lucky to be able to meet them often and stay connected. Thank you for sharing your heartwarming anecdote here with me. Hope to stay connected with you through our blogging journey.

  3. The story took me back to my own 10th standard and all my wonderful teachers. I loved math always but I started enjoying physics only because my favourite teacher taught us that in high school.

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

    1. I so agree with you on that. A teacher can make a boring subject turn into the most interesting subject and vice-versa…That’s the power of a teacher. It was lovely to know that this post made you reminiscence about your own 10th grade. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful anecdote with me.

  4. Just one verification like this is enough to inspire you in your profession for years. I’ve been a teacher in hospitals for far longer than I remember. And it feels much the same to hear their words today… A few students joined my Speciality later and told me the same. I still remember it even to this day

  5. What a beautiful story Kalpana. I did not know you were a teacher. Finding a teacher who can inspire and instill a passion in you is so rare these days. I am sure your kids must be feeling blessed to have you as a teacher.

    1. Oh…thanks a ton dear! It is a true incident that happened with me and yes I (was) a teacher till a few months back. Just taking a break to concentrate on my farm.I had a heart-wrenching time saying good-bye…but most of my students still stay very much in touch with me and want me come back as soon as possible and that’s heartening. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts…loved connecting with you.

    1. You nailed it Manas! Absolutely true it is. Makes a lot of sense, isn’t it. If you don’t like the teacher even the most interesting subject will lose its charm…So true. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable thoughts here.

  6. There are some teachers who leave their mark on our heart and we remember them for a lifetime. The same was my genetics mam in graduation, she was a sweetheart. The best part is she’s in my facebook friends.

    1. It is so true. I have students sending me messages from their medical college and other institutions reminiscing the times i taught them a topic they are learning in detail in their college now. What more could you ask for right? Its so wonderful to hear that you are friends with your teacher and are staying connected with them. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me.

  7. Teaching is my favourite profession and I can relate to your post for two reasons, first – My parents were in the teaching profession and second, my elder one just passed out of 10th grade. loved it and you must be a great teacher. 🙂

    1. That’s so lovely to hear. It is the best profession ever…And thank you for such the generous compliment. Going by what my students have to say, i think i had done a decent job as a teacher for sure…Thank you so much Deepa.

  8. One can never undermine the importance of a teacher in a student’s life. They influence a students life majorly and have a big hand in the way their future shapes up. So glad to hear about the love the students have for you. It speaks volumes about your role as a teacher. Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much Dipali. It was so lovely to read your comment. It truly is those words from students that make a teacher’s job all worth it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Lovely to have connected.

  9. I am so jealous of you right now. I always wanted to be a teacher but I never knew if I’ll be good enough. It is the noblest of the professions because teachers make everyone else. Plus incidents like these. You might forget anyone on Earth who is not family. But some teachers stay!

    1. Such a beautiful comment Ranjini. It sure is the most wonderful profession with so much heart and soul to it. And the relationship of a teacher and student is something beyond blood relations…Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful thoughts with me.

  10. Teachers inspire students to be the best of what they can be… and they can make or break one’s destiny… Lovely to read your journey as a teacher, and awesome to hear about the impression you are making on these young minds..

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